LA.PE Annonce un Programme de Mentorat Innovant pour les Étudiants Tunisiens Préparant Leur Séjour à l'Étranger

LA.PE Announces an Innovative Mentoring Program for Tunisian Students Preparing for Their Stay Abroad


LA.PE, the agency specialized in guiding Tunisian students abroad, once again distinguishes itself by launching a new innovative mentoring program. This program aims to offer Tunisian students personalized guidance and practical support as they prepare for an enriching educational experience overseas.

Program Development:

LA.PE's mentoring program will be led by a team of former international students, experienced professionals, and education experts. These mentors will share their own experiences, knowledge, and skills to help Tunisian students successfully navigate the challenges and opportunities they will encounter abroad.

Program Objectives:

Emotional Support:

The program aims to provide emotional support to students as they prepare to leave their home country for a period of study overseas. Mentors will assist them in overcoming fears and anxieties associated with this major life change.

Practical Guidance:

Mentors will offer practical advice on various aspects of life abroad, such as adapting to a new culture, managing time effectively, developing efficient study habits, and resolving common issues faced by international students.

Personal and Professional Development:

The program will encourage students' personal and professional growth by helping them identify their academic and career goals, and providing guidance on how to successfully achieve them.

Participation and Procedures:

Tunisian students interested in LA.PE's mentoring program can apply by submitting their application through the agency's website. Once selected, they will be paired with a suitable mentor based on their specific needs and educational objectives.


This new mentoring program by LA.PE underscores its ongoing commitment to the academic and personal success of Tunisian students pursuing their studies abroad. By offering practical support and personalized guidance, the agency aims to facilitate a smooth and enriching transition to a new educational environment. This mentoring program holds promise as a vital catalyst for Tunisian students undertaking this transformative educational journey overseas.