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LA.PE is not just a simple agency for accompanying studies abroad. It's your trusted partner dedicated to helping you achieve your academic and professional dreams. Our team of passionate experts is by your side at every step of your journey, from crafting your project to settling into your new host country.

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Personalized and Individualized Guidance:

In an approximately one-hour session, we delve into your aspirations, strengths, needs, and desires. Together, we explore your motivations, career goals, program preferences, lifestyle choices, and budget.

Personalized and Thorough Research:

We conduct in-depth research to identify study programs that perfectly match your criteria. Considering your ambitions, profile, and financial means, we explore various options available in your countries of interest.

Detailed Assessment of Your Profile:

We analyze your academic and language skills, standardized test scores, and extracurricular experiences to provide insightful advice.

Expert Advice on Top Universities and Institutions:

We present the advantages and disadvantages of each option, considering your specific needs and professional aspirations.

Optimal Preparation for Admission Tests

Intensive and Individualized Courses:

Our tailored program ensures students are well-prepared for admission tests abroad. Through comprehensive approaches, including practical exercises, simulated tests, and personalized follow-ups, we enhance essential skills and ensure success in these crucial exams.

Simulated Exams under Real Conditions:

You'll undergo practice exams in conditions similar to the actual tests, helping you manage stress and maximize your chances of success.

Comprehensive Educational Resources and Individual Support:

Access to quality course materials, online learning platforms, and one-on-one sessions with our experienced teachers facilitate rapid progress and goal achievement.

Creation of Impeccable Application Files

Assistance with Writing

We assist in crafting clear, concise, and impactful documents such as motivation letters, CVs, and other required materials.

Thorough Proofreading and Editing:

We meticulously review and correct your files to ensure quality, coherence, and error-free content.

Personalized Advice for Highlighting Strengths

Identifying key elements of your profile that differentiate you from other candidates and effectively showcasing them.

Smooth Study Visa Acquisition

Personalized Assistance with Administrative Procedures:

Guidance and support throughout the often complex and daunting administrative processes.

Assistance with Visa Application Documentation:

Comprehensive assistance in compiling required documents and meeting deadlines.

Continuous Support Throughout Visa Acquisition:

We remain by your side to address questions, provide reassurance, and help overcome any obstacles.

Stress-Free Settlement in Your New Host Country

Tailored Housing Search:

Offering various accommodation options based on your preferences and budget, and assisting with administrative procedures.

Expert Advice on Daily Life and Local Culture:

Sharing knowledge and experiences to facilitate your integration and comfort in your new environment.

Networking with Local Students and Organizations:

Assistance in meeting other students and integrating into local communities.

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